Posted by: greengorilla47 | 08/09/2007

The Doomsday US Wargames Continue

Like a lot of folk these days I don’t watch the tube anymore to learn of world events. The Net has really exposed the propaganda-mongers for what they really are with, in Britain, that inveterate liar and tired old Aunty BBC heading the list of worst offenders. Actually ‘worst offenders’ is being kind. They are warmongers and hence war criminals.

When I do switch on the telly for some entertainment –I agree with John Pilger, that’s what mainstream media news is today, entertainment — I watch it through the heaviest megafilters of discrimination and distrust, just to see what the propaganda-mongers are saying. I listen to what they say and believe something approximating the opposite.

At present, Sky News is busily massaging the public (though bludgeoning would be a better description) to accept the new would-be nuclear (Bush lingo) “terrist” enemy to be Pakistan. You can be sure that this new episode of public brain-washing comes ahead of a new Bush crusade against the terrists in Pakistan and the assassination of the dictator Musharraf by the CIA who will then conveniently blame it on ‘Islamic fundamentalists.’

Just watch the thing as it develops.

Meantime, it seems that the demon Cheney has been foiled in an attempt to carry out an unannounced bombing of Iran with nuclear Cruise missiles. Thanks to the brave actions of some honourable folk in the US Military his murderous plan was thwarted just in time

See here

and here

and here

It’s a miracle that the diabolic duo, Bush and Cheney, with their AIPAC minions haven’t yet succeeded in attacking Iran but, at the end of the day, they are only the puppets of the big oil and gas company multinationals who aren’t yet ready to kill the golden goose which lays their eggs. An excuse for a war in Pakistan, on the other hand, will extend the theatre of military actions from Afghanistan and give the Anglo-Saxon Alliance an excuse to expropriate that area of north-western Asia for at least the next decade.

Thus the neocons’ Project for a New American Century will have been fullfilled. And, as usual, the warmongers who rule US foreign policy and the Anglo-Saxon Alliance are keeping all their options option.

Back here in Britain, it is all the more imperative that the maximum pressure possible is brought to ensure that Gordon Brown totally dissociates his country from a US attack on Iran and that he is persuaded to withdraw all British troops from not only Iraq but Afghanistan while preventing the US war-machine using British bases for its future global aggressions.

Britain simply has to stop behaving like a third-rate vassal-state banana republic pretending to play the nuclear imperial power it no longer is.


Staging Nukes for Iran


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