Posted by: greengorilla47 | 23/08/2009

CIA: Afghanistan is Unwinnable

Six years ago, Michael Meacher MP, had his article, ‘This War on Terrorism is Bogus’, published in The Guardian. In it he argued convincingly that both military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq were made for geopolitical reasons … Gas and Oil: “The overriding motivation for this political smokescreen is that the US and the UK are beginning to run out of secure hydrocarbon energy supplies.”

Arguing that this was what the fake War on Terror was all about he ended by questioning the wisdom of British foreign policy to pursue the myth:

“The conclusion of all this analysis must surely be that the “global war on terrorism” has the hallmarks of a political myth propagated to pave the way for a wholly different agenda – the US goal of world hegemony, built around securing by force command over the oil supplies required to drive the whole project. Is collusion in this myth and junior participation in this project really a proper aspiration for British foreign policy? If there was ever need to justify a more objective British stance, driven by our own independent goals, this whole depressing saga surely provides all the evidence needed for a radical change of course.”

In the following video several CIA experts question the ability of the US government to obtain any security through its present military occupation and intervention in Afghanistan.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


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