Posted by: greengorilla47 | 11/05/2009

War Crime in Sri Lanka: Civilians slaughtered by Army Shelling

In what constitutes a blatant war crime by the Sri Lankan government, the army’s merciless bombardment of a so-called no-fire zone, a small strip of land on the country’s northeast coast, killed and wounded thousands of Tamil civilians over the weekend.


Summer Winds augur ill for the Sri Lankan Tamil

The Rajapakse brothers are devious but also farsighted. The Indian, and the Tamil in particular, is more emotion-driven. The Sri Lankans are not merely looking at the military defeat of the Tigers; they want to write a new and final chapter of the Mahavamsa, which will conclude that the Sinhalese finally settled the 2000-year struggle with the Tamils under the Rajapakse brothers by sending the Tamils back in boats to where they originally came from.



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