Posted by: greengorilla47 | 25/04/2009

How to tell I’m not a terrorist
We Muslims clearly need to help panicking police and border officials. Would a big tattoo help?

So it turns out that the 12 Muslims arrested two weeks ago – you know, the ones who, according to ­Gordon Brown, were planning a “very big terrorist plot” – were ­doing nothing of the sort. The ­arrests and subsequent release highlight how, in a time of heightened concern, anyone who is male and Muslim – and, even worse, happens to have ­Pakistani heritage – can get mistaken for a potential terrorist. It isn’t just the police who have a problem telling the difference. The trouble is that it isn’t obvious who is a benign, peace-loving Briton who happens to be Muslim, and who is a rage-filled Islamist intent on causing mayhem.




  1. Just in case some readers missed it, the title of this piece, ‘How to Tell I’m not a Terrorist’, is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Although the automatically generated related posts by WordPress don’t appear to have picked up this subtlety.

    The attitude of government and its police force in the UK is racist and bullying hiding, as it does, behind the pretence of a phoney ‘War on Terrorism.’ And ill-concealed beneath it an oppressive, totalitarian intolerance of all political dissent be it from Muslims or otherwise.

    “First they came for the Muslims” would now be an appropriate change to the classic warning against Hitler-style totalitarianism …

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