Posted by: greengorilla47 | 20/04/2009

Labour is stifling the right to protest

The news that government officials have been passing intelligence on climate change activists to a power company serves to underline the unhealthy closeness between big business and the British government during the Labour years. What was traditionally thought to be a Tory weakness is now palpably a Labour one, for the government is not just enthralled by polluters but also those international giants that are intent on selling surveillance systems; think of the expensive bits of hard and software which have been, or are being, purchased for e-Borders, identity cards and communications interception and storage.


Rory’s Comment: The conclusion that Guardian journalist Henry Porter will not arrive at must, however, be made: a government that works hand-in-glove with corporate interests such as we now have both here in Britain and the USA can only be described as fascist. “Ask Mussolini about that,” says Gerald Celente. “He knew a thing or two about it!”


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