Posted by: greengorilla47 | 18/04/2009

Stop Spending Our Future!

Although the figures in the video apply to the USA the same pattern of reckless spending is going on in Gordon Brown’s Britain:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

… The debt is getting out of control and we and our children will have to pay it off. In the UK there is little sign of any make-work Keynesian projects that are being planned in America, and in fact Mervyn King slapped-down Gordon Brown when he suggested a ‘fiscal stimulus’ to create jobs.

The capitalists here only want to fund rescue packages for the financial sector and their capitalist interests. Obama, with a new political mandate paid for by his chums on Wall Street has secured some fiscal stimulus for the US economy, but the costs are huge overall and most of the money is shoring-up bank balance sheets, as here.

Really its just populist cover for looting taxpayers of huge sums of money for generations to come and it is splitting elite opinion.

Conservatives/Republicans only want to loot taxpayers for their private gain, they don’t want any social or welfare spending, they want that slashed.

Ordinary American people know that both political parties are ripping them off.

The important thing to note is the huge scale of the crime by people using bought political power, in my opinion. Until ordinary people wake-up to what is being done to them they will not oppose capitalist looting for private gain. And as with WWI and WWII it’s ordinary people who will have to service and pay-off these huge debts through higher taxes and slashing cuts in welfare, social care, health care, education – in fact the very things society needs to function.


Perhaps I should add … that the government, here and in the US, could simply have nationalised the banks. They’re insolvent anyway so it would not have cost taxpayers anything, but it would have wiped-out capitalist share-holders.

They could have cleaned-up their books and put deflating toxic assets in a holding bank, underwritten by taxpayer guarantees.

They could have prosecuted these Ponzi-scamming thieves and jailed them for hundreds of years and used the banking sector under public ownership for the good of society. They’ve done none of this.

They’ve simply looted taxpayers and rewarded those that bankroll them into political positions of power with huge bonuses and pensions.

I hope people remember that the next time they vote, as they will also be losing jobs, homes, and the means of their subsistence thanks to voting capitalists into political power.




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