Posted by: greengorilla47 | 01/04/2009

The Dollar is Dead, Long live the Anglo-American Alliance

Tones of disappointment from the BBC’s reporters that the G20 protesters, currently demonstrating outside the Bank of England in the City of London, haven’t ‘resorted to violence.’ Despite the Police and the BBC’s attempt to talk-up violence it hasn’t happened yet.

What we are seeing is the Police being jostled and harangued by the crowd and a BBC reporter being shouted at with cries of “Long live Marxism” and “Long live Revolution”, but all in a rather desultory way. We hear that the Police have made eleven arrests and if any violence or broken heads were caused by the Police you can be sure the BBC isn’t showing it.

All this followed the meeting between Barack Obama and Gordon Brown at the Foreign Office where the message by both was an appeal to the rest of us to keep faith in capitalism. The ‘special relationship’ was rolled-out once again … coded language for the alliance of Anglo-American capitalism, signifying its determination to save the pirates in Wall Street behind this present crisis.

Significantly the Obama-Brown mutual appreciation society’s podium was bedecked by several UK and US flags entwined with each other. And not a European flag amongst them …


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