Posted by: greengorilla47 | 24/03/2009

Gordon Brown’s lies about Terrorism

Britain’s unelected Prime Minister has just announced a £3.5 billion package to boost the ‘War against Terrorism’. Imported to Britain, courtesy of the war-criminal Blair, straight from the propaganda mills of the CIA, that ‘War’ was nothing more than the excuse created by the Bush junta to justify its murderous attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq and for its sustained attacks on the US Constitution to bring about a police state. Everything that Bush did to destroy the rule of law in the US was assiduously copied by his puppets in the UK, first Blair and now Brown.

The UK PM really means: We Are About To Take The Phoney War Against Terror To A New Level of Deceit and Crime by Our Covert Actions

Both the US and Britain have never been more close to a form of 21st Century state-run fascism than they are today. The intention to spend billions more on a phoney war has nothing to do with an external threat and everything to do with the consolidation of oppressive, police state measures.

Here is what one Guardian reader had to say to Brown about it: “Lies, spurious lies. I, like many others reading this, feel patronised by the arrogance of your arguments. The presumption of our allegiance to your cause. You have kidnapped and tortured foreigners. You have overthrown governments to secure strategic advantages. You have destroyed entire countries only to seek profit from their reconstruction. You have lied to your own population to encourage a war of aggression. There isn’t a damn thing you can say that will redeem you. ~ indrossi, 22 Mar 09, 1:17am”

We are about to take the war against terror to a new level



  1. Britain’s unelected Prime Minister

    Out !

    ~ Michael

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