Posted by: greengorilla47 | 11/01/2009

Up to 200 Thousand Protest Israeli Aggression in Gaza

One of the largest demos worldwide so far against the Israeli aggression in Gaza took place today on Saturday in London.

Here is Richard Seymour’s report of it from his Lenin’s Tomb blog …

Picture by Ellis Sharp. More pictures by Ellis here.



  1. This is murder not war. I don’t like Hamas. But Israels response like that in Lebanon in 2006 is over the top. There is no regard at all for civilians including small children. No reporters allowed in. No amount of PR with the internet can hide the crime.

  2. To all those who keep talking about the 700 that where killed in Gaza ,
    you forget to mention that allot of them where hamas terrorists !
    and whey do all those ” peace fighter’s” who are so concerned with the loss of lives , why don’t they protest about the 50,000 Israeli’s who where killed , so far, from terror attacks , during the years ?
    to all you haters = you are such hypocrites !!! but be aware b/c you’ll end up eating your own stow , all those Muslims in Europe ( who will just keep growing and getting more violent ) will do the same to you’ll , very soon ! b/c that’s there way of life , it’s already had been said in the bible , the descendants of Ismael ” live on there sword ” , that’s the type of people they are , so to all of you ” peace fighter’s” , don’t be so naive , one day they wouldn’t like the fact that you aren’t Muslims or that you eat pork or whatever … and that will give them enough good reason to make your life miserable .

  3. Comments such as Barbara’s are themselves full of the hate that they accuse others of. This kind of talk is racist.

    And in no way does it excuse the racist genocide that Israel is perpetrating in Palestine. The long-term aim of Israel is to destroy Palestine.

    Palestine was stolen by Israel in 1948. It’s aim is to take over the entire land. What we are seeing in Gaza is yet another stage in the implementation of that long-term plan.

    Israel should be boycotted using trade sanctions and weapons embargoes. By its actions it has made itself into an international pariah. It should be treated as such.

  4. there was no such a thing as a Palestinian state before 1948!

  5. The area was occupied by Britain as the Palestinian Mandate.

    Just because there was no independent Palestinian state it doesn’t mean that that this was not the traditional homeland of the Palestinian peoples. Just because there was no independent Native American Indian state doesn’t mean that Native American Indian lands were not stolen!

    And besides, if you want to argue that Israelis had a right to this land simply because it wasn’t already officially a state, let me remind you that there never had been an official state of Israel before 1948.

    The state of Israel was an artificial entity, created by the big powers behind the UN. It has been peopled by those with no ethnic claim to that part of the world. While that took place the indigenous people have been terrorised and displaced by a group of European colonialists who consider the Palestinians as sub-humans.


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