Posted by: greengorilla47 | 18/09/2008

China & the West: A Story of Converging Authoritarianism at War with the People

China forsook Mao’s socialism (really state capitalism) for unfettered ‘neoliberalism’ and the worship of market forces ruled over by a surveillance state. As Naomi Klein has observed there is a curious convergence between what is happening in China and in the West. The two are moving closer together.

But this is not taking place without resistance from the grassroots. China has its dissidents as does the US and Europe. That you don’t hear about them through state-controlled mainstream media (MSM) doesn’t mean they don’t exist and that a battle is not going on.

Books like Red State Rebels provide us with an insight into the battle going on against the creeping fascism of the US corporate state. Europeans would do well to educate themselves with such books and to ask themselves exactly what lies behind the confrontations such as those we saw recently (on the Net at least) at the Democratic and Republican conventions.

And in China? These videos — click here— will give you a clue …


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