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Democracy? Shamocracy!

Amongst all the thousands of weasel-words we read by journalists in Britland (or Airstrip One as I call it) there aren’t many who stand out as the proponents of common decency. Ideological and economical totalitarianism has seen to that. As every day goes by and the transatlantic police state grows more markedly oppressive we see how common decency is being replaced by a smiling evil which insists on retaining a pretence of democracy.

Democracy? Shamocracy! The West is no less totalitarian than its old economic competitor, Germany under Hitler’s Third Reich. Only the language, uniforms and the goose-steps are missing. But even the helmets worn by GIs today in Iraq and Afghanistan bear a remarkable resemblance to the old Stahlhelm of the Third Reich

Old Third Reich Stahlhelm

US PASGT ‘Stahlhelm’

I think it was Eric Fromm who over 50 years ago observed that in the West we too live in a totalitarian society.

When I first read it –I think it was in his book, The Sane Society– I was somewhat shocked to find myself agreeing with Fromm that my life experience confirmed what he had said.

That was thirty years ago. Everything that has happened since has only gone to reinforce that view. We do live in a totalitarian society. It’s just a different flavour of totalitarianism to others.

In many ways it’s worse than others because we are constantly brainwashed in a very Orwellian way to believe that we are free and what we have is democracy. Even the slightest examination of those assumptions will show how untrue they are. Try disagreeing in a serious way with the system and see what happens to you.

Organisations like NATO are the international gangsters of western or NWO totalitarianism. I was in my teens when the Berlin Wall was built in the ‘sixties and as a history student used to receive a freebie from the Central Office of Information called NATO Review (in those days I was still taking the Blue Pill before switching over to the Red variety).

A constant theme in NATO Review was that NATO was a defensive organisation set up to defend the West from what it called ‘Soviet aggression.’ NATO, it said, would happily dissolve itself the moment that the Warsaw Pact (or Warsaw Treaty Organisation) did the same. Similarly, the USUK promised to scrap its nuclear missiles if Russia binned its.

The first statement, at least, was a barefaced lie. Though the Warsaw Pact dissolved itself along with the Soviet Union not only did NATO not follow suit but it EXPANDED its organisation to include east European, ex-Warsaw Pact countries. Ceasing to be simply an organisation concerning itself with issues in the North Atlantic area of interest it is now throwing its weight about in countries in Central Asia (Afghanistan) and on track soon to be in the Caucasus (Georgia)!

Apropos of that, all that nonsense we were fed then about why the Soviets built the Berlin Wall missed out on what had led to it: the east Germans (German Democratic Republic) wanted to have an economic union with the west Germans (German Federal Republic) so both might use the same Deutschmark. The US pressured the west Germans into turning down their east German relatives. When the DDR realised there was no chance of economic unity they were faced with a quandary which threatened their survival: east Germans were freely going over to west Germany to work and earning much higher incomes. So finally they were forced into stopping the westward flow by building a wall. After the passing of nearly half a century, I wonder how many of you will know that side of the story? See how good the ‘Free West’ is in suppressing inconvenient truths?

Returning to common decency, one of the few decent journalists left in the West, John Pilger recently published this about how we in the West were lied to about NATO’s aggression in the old Yugoslavia. The Alex Jones article below tells of a major PSYOPS coup conducted by NATO and the Western MSM against the Serbs and how they did it again in the Georgian Conflict.

What happened in Yugoslavia was a war crime committed by NATO and the West. Instead, the western propaganda machine turned reality on its head and tried the Serbs for war crimes! The court which is ‘trying’ these crimes was bankrolled to do so by the West to punish its enemies and no other. Nuremburg started that ball rolling.

We have just lived through an immense propaganda war (PSYOPS) in which, contrary to the facts, we have been told that a country run by a mentally unstable mafiosi type, Saakashvili, has been the victim of those bad Russians. Goebbels would go green with envy if he could see the subtle techniques of disinformation the BBC uses today.

Picture of a Lie, courtesy of NATO & the western MSM

The entire story can be summed-up neatly by one of Orwell’s astute observations: “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable”. That may be universally applicable but anyone who has had to live through the massive barrage of lies and disinformation to which we in the ‘Free West’ were and are subject will recognise the truth in it.

A final thought: where today would you expect to find more CCTV cameras per capita, London or Moscow? No prizes for the right answer!

Rory Winter, CHIMES OF FREEDOM and NEW CIVILIZATION, 22 August 2008


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