Posted by: greengorilla47 | 28/11/2007

Just another mindless, fucking Nazi in his CCTV Panopticon

Recently I have been focusing on the British Secret State and its attendant Police State as well as the manner in which the Blair/Brown junta is busily denying Brits their right to enjoy European civil rights protection.

The sad truth is that none of this could have happened without the silent consent of the British people. And in that sense the old adage, “People get the governments they deserve,” remains very true. There is a strong authoritarian streak amongst those who rule Britain. This has existed for centuries. Some say it was imposed on Anglo-Saxon culture by the caste-ridden Normans who conquered Britain almost a thousand years ago.

That same authoritarian racism must, inevitably, have been stamped indelibly on the British psyche and lies there smoldering, flaring up as arrogance, xenophobia, racism and a general resentment of all things foreign. Of course, their rulers know and share these sentiments and put them to good use in order to exercise even greater control over the masses.

I came across an example of it today.

Firenzo is an East European gipsy immigrant who, most days, can be seen outside the local supermarket selling copies of The Big Issue, a magazine published especially for the homeless to sell and to make a little money from. He doesn’t sell many but still he stands there in his padded jacket, braving the bleak winter winds, a smile on his face, shivering.

He’s a long way away from his beloved homeland, an economic migrant trying to eke a living in this hostile society in order that he can send a little of his earnings back to the family he left behind. Homeless, he lives illegally in a derelict building, hoping the Police don’t know or are turning a blind eye.

He’s a friendly guy and always says hello.

“Ça va bien, mon ami?” he says in French, which he speaks more of than English.

“Ah, le temps, il fait si froid. Il est chié!” I reply in a bad temper.

“Oh, ce n’est pas trop mauvais,” he replies cheerfully.

People like Firenzo. They stop and chat with him before going into the supermarket. He’s become part of the local scene. Even the Municipal Council is including him in their latest tourist brochure.

Walking towards the supermarket today, I saw him at his usual post outside the entrance chatting with someone. All of a sudden a man with an English accent shouts at him.

“People like you should be digging trenches, doing hard labour twenty-four-seven, that’s what you should be doing!” he screams, his face distorted with hate.

Firenzo looked on in astonishment taking the brunt of this attack quite calmly but with an expression of incredulity.

I stepped in, pointing at his assailant and shouting back, “It’s fucking Nazis like you that’re turning this country into a fascist state!”

“Who me?” he replied, wide-eyed with disbelief that suddenly it was he who was under attack.

“Yes you, you fucking Nazi!” I replied, and to underline the point shouted in German, “Scheisskoepf!” at a rapidly receding figure who, seeking refuge in his car, drove off still screaming abuse at us. Returning the compliment, I gave him the finger.

Poor Firenzo shook my hand and thanked me. I bought a copy of his magazine, commiserated with him and went in to do my shopping. When I came out he was gone, probably afraid that the incident would attract the attention of the Police who would then move him on. His intuition was correct. Five minutes later a Police van drove past slowly.

A few minutes later I saw him walk past waving. I returned the wave with a clenched fist sign of solidarity. For I too have known what it is to be homeless and on the street. But much worse, like Firenzo I too have experienced the brunt of mindless prejudice and racism from cowards no different to that hate-filled man.

So sad, when I think about it, that narrow-minded bigots such as he, choosing scapegoats and racial stereotypes against which to spill all his pent-up anger and resentment, through such misdirected rage only play into the waiting hands of cynical and opportunist politicians who calculatedly play the race card and flirt with the prejudices of the gutter for their own personal gain. Something which in Britain both Nu Labour and Tory are doing alike with no heed of the consequences.

It is on those politicians our bigot should be offloading his toxic waste, not on ordinary, fellow humans. But of course, he can’t because they’re well out of his range, well-protected in their bubble of unreality, protected from the hoi-polloi by body-guards, who drive around in armour-plated cars.

Britain’s chickenhawk dictators, leaders of a new managerial aristocracy who live in gated, secure communities, separated from an increasingly impoverished underclass by both invisible economic walls as well as CCTV cameras.

This bigot will continue voting for the chickenhawk dictators who kill millions of innocents in his name. Not that he cares a damn. To him they’re just “Dirty Arab Terrorists.” He will continue to blame all his troubles on the closest available victim. He will whinge and complain and do nothing to challenge the real cause of his unhappiness, the Police State around him. And in his narrow-minded, nasty little way he will, as he always has, keep helping to build that open prison.

He’s just a mindless, fucking Nazi who’s turned this country into a CCTV Panopticon.


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