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Rising Islamophobia in UK

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Islamophobia is increasingly on the rise and new anti-terror legislations are frequently being discussed in Parliament. Muslims continue to be belittled and ridiculed and MPACUK continue to struggle.

The media continues with their regular uproar, politicians continue playing with Iran. Israel is still abusing Palestinian rights and Iraq is still being bombed. Afghanistan is still crawling with troops and George Bush still thinks he can hear God. What are the Muslims doing?

*Digging their heads deeper into the soil in the hope that no-one will notice them?

*Throwing shoes at George Bush when he appears on TV and claiming he is the dajjal?

*Seeing a bomb go off in Palestine and switching the TV off with just a murmur of sympathy?

*Sitting in the corner of a dark room reading ‘la howla wala kua tha illa billa’?

*Blinking like dummies while non-Muslim campaigners try to fight for their rights?

*Tutting disapprovingly about respect when a sister goes out to campaign when they couldn’t be bothered to move their own backsides?

Did you know?

1) ‘The pre-charge detention refers to the period of time that an individual can be held and questioned by police, prior to being charged with an offence. For individuals suspected of terrorism, the maximum period is currently 28 days – seven times the pre-charge detention limit for someone suspected of murder.’? (Liberty)

2) The current 28-day limit of detention without trial is already the longest in Europe?

3) The UK police terrorism arrest statistics (excluding Northern Ireland) show that from 11 September 2001 – 31 March 2007, 96.6% of those arrested under the Terrorism Act, usually in the full glare of publicity, were innocent of any terrorist activity? (Link)

4) The pre-charge detention consultation by the Home Office admits that the case for further extension does not have any evidential basis stating “…since the 2006 legislation came into effect, there has been no case in which a suspect was released but a higher limit than 28 days would definitely have led to a charge.”?

5) “There is a real danger that the longest periods of pre-charge detention will be used for those people against whom there is the least evidence.” ‘Pre-charge detention in terrorism cases.’ NEW LAW Journal, 20 October 2006?

Are Muslims going to do anything about this?


MPACUK are alerting the public of the seriousness of such legislation which as shown above is likely to affect the Muslim community above all others. We must ensure that before Gordon Brown formally proposes a bill to Parliament doubling detention without charge to 56 days, MPs are lobbied to vote against this.

If you are living in Manchester or the surrounding areas come to our next campaigns meeting to find out how you can get involved. Join MPACUK North with our talk on the rise of Islamophobia and participate in the Jihad!

Date: 3rd November 2007

Timings: 4pm – 7pm

Villa Cafe
Wilmslow Road,

Email us now at for more information.

If you can’t do anything else, then please at least sign the petition against the 56 day detention here


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