Posted by: greengorilla47 | 17/10/2007

“Pariah nation”: look who’s talking!

There’s no getting away from it: the MSM is the tyranny of the new aristocracy chattering to itself. Fed up of the endless state propaganda spouted daily by the BBC, the so-called Independent Television News and the “community centered” Channel 4 News, I turned to More 4 News in the hope of intelligent comment.

No such luck.

Yesterday, for example, More 4 News’ newest dolly-bird, Kylie Morris, presented an envious piece concerning the diplomatic success of Iran in forming a non-aggression pact between Caspian countries. Iran’s friendship with Russia was received with cynical comments about Russia’s ‘need to stay friends for Iran’s oil’.

No mention of the fact that both Iran and Russia work through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which unites the two countries’ economic interests. No observation that a non-aggression pact is meant to preserve the peace and that the only aggression that both Iran and Russia faces today is likely to come from the war criminals hiding in the White House.

Any mention of that would ensure Ms Morris being fired immediately from her job. So instead we get nasty little comments such as Iran being a “pariah nation”.

Pariah nation? Who says so, Ms Morris? Iran’s Middle Eastern neighbours? No. The European Union? No.

Then who?

Oh, that rogue in the White House again! He who is eminently more describable as a pariah then any other person or nation on this planet.

And More 4 News, an ostensibly British enterprise, is obliged to act as the Number One pariah’s conduit. Well, what more can you expect in a vassal state like Britain which, in the days of the Thatcher/Reagan Arms Race in the ‘eighties earned itself the Orwellian label of being ‘Airstrip One’ for the USA?


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