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European race-hate SIOE-organized anti-‘Islamisation’ Demo in London, 26 October 2007

I must apologise to all my readers for having earlier on directed complaints to the Greater London Assembly.

Having now seen the route of the proposed SIOE-organized 26 October march it is clear that it will affect an area of London governed by the Tory-controlled Borough of Westminster which is an entirely separate entity.

I would therefore urge readers who, like me, are opposed to this march and would prefer it to be banned to address your complaints to The Leader of Westminster Council and email him via

You can also telephone his Press Office at +44 (0)207 641 6000

Why ban this march?

Because its organizers are using a pretence of the freedom of speech to promote a particularly nasty and dangerous form of bigotry and race hate.

The British organizer of this demonstration, Stephen Gash, is working very closely with his Danish assistant, Anders Gravers. Gravers was the organizer of the aborted 11 September demonstration outside the European Parliament in Brussels which was banned by Mayor Freddy Thielemans.


Gravers is part of a rapidly-burgeoning Islamophobia which has gripped Denmark and which is turning that country into a place of rank racism and intolerance. It is said that Gravers now intends to put up candidates for future elections in Denmark.


Events in Denmark are also being mirrored in other countries such as Holland and Germany where, increasingly, both Islamophobes and overtly Nazi-worshipping groups of thugs are marching together in what very much appears to be a wave of racism, intolerance and Islamophobic violence about to hit continental Europe. The growth of fascism in Russia has been particularly virulent with hundreds of anti-Nazis murdered in revenge killings.

As this new fascism grows and takes a hold of continental Europe, it is inevitable that it will spill over into Britain. As the economics of world capitalism fall deeper and deeper into crisis and collapse the fascists will obtain greater support from a confused and disaffected public, making it easier for them not only to march but to use violence against Muslims, ethnic minorities and people of colour.

It is for this reason that a broad coalition of democrats, anti-fascists and socialists should unite without further delay with the various religions to present a solid wall of opposition and resistance against the growth of this new fascism. The longer it takes to establish such a broad front, the more harrowing it will be to deal with the many-headed hydra which has returned from the ‘thirties.

Returning to the extremism of bigots like Gash and Gravers, these people are only at the very tip of a much larger iceberg, an underground network of bigots, racists, white supremacists and Hitler-worshippers. One of their gurus is Daniel Pipes who, of course, is a close pal of the rogue who currently occupies the White House. There is good reason to believe that Messrs Gash and Gravers are both on excellent working terms with Pipes who, it appears, is more often than not the instigator of various attacks against Islam. Currently one of these operations, actively supported by our little French piggy, the ubiquitous but, hélas, anonymous Grouik-Grouik (or Monsieur Cochon as I prefer to call him), is to attract the racists and bigots, like flies, to any European city where a mosque is planned or being built.


So precious are the sentiments of our little pink-skinned Crusaders against Islam that the building of even one mosque is seen to be a threat against what they describe to be ‘European Civilization’. Apart from not wishing to have any truck with what these nasties interpret to be civilisation it has to be asked, had they been alive seventy years ago, when the Jewish areas of certain European towns and cities brimmed with 40 and more synagogues in just a matter of square kilometres, would they have fought as energetically against the ‘threat to Christian civilisation from Judaism’?

If they did they would have found themselves in some very unsavoury company indeed. For it was Hitler who demanded a right to free speech to bamboozle the ‘nice decent’ German middle-classes into putting him into power through the democratic ballot-box in 1933. Just as the ‘nice decent’ Messrs Gash, Gravers and Pipes who, today, insist on the freedom of speech to spread their toxic filth and to democratically infect the minds of Denmark’s and contemporary Europe’s ‘nice decent’ middle-classes in a new wave of anti-semitism, this time against Muslims, targeting them as the scape-goats for all the miseries they find in their own societies.

Scape-goats, just as the Jews were Hitler’s scape-goats. But not just his. For the megalomaniac Hitler had plenty of supporters in Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France … and, of course, Britain. Sadly, for all those Nazis, both overt and of the closet variety, Hitler came into collision with the Anglo-Saxon empires and soon found himself on a loser as did all the other European Nazis who were so eager to back him.

But times are changed now and the growth of the new fascism is taking place right in the very heart of a world still dominated by an Anglo-Saxon axis determined to maintain its imperialist hegemony right to the bitter end. Hence, it is no accident that we find such a renascence of fascism and racism in those very societies where ‘nice decent’ folk, having been brain-washed for so long, brought up to believe not only in their divine hegemony over all humankind but of their, god-given innate cultural superiority ueber alles, now fear that the building of a few mosques strikes at the heart of their so-called civilization!

Mosque Paranoia

It is in this context that we must see the activities of the likes of our unholy Gash-Gravers-Pipes troika. For it is that very ‘Clash of Civilisations’, first fabricated in the nasty mind of Samuel Huntington, the eminence grise of the western secret services and dedicated Muslim-hater, that this more junior trio are now attempting to bring about. And in this diabolic task they are ably assisted by countless other nasties including our M. Cochon.

It is, as I say, a wholly fabricated, invented war which, in the real light of day, simply does not exist other than in the minds of a motley assortment of paranoid bigots, white supremacists, anti-semites and misguided clerics (many themselves the stooges of the secret services) who are being calculatedly used to spread fear and loathing via the ever-obliging conduits of the capitalist Mainstream Media.

It is high time that the world woke up to recognize the truly murderous intentions of those who are behind the Big Lie that is bamboozling ‘nice decent’ folk in the West into accepting, without question, a new Holocaust.


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