Posted by: greengorilla47 | 06/09/2007

Google & the Race Hate Groups

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It is extremely disturbing that a company like Google which has monopolised the Internet not only refuses to shut down these poisonous blogs but simply ignores our complaints about them. By behaving in this manner it has effectively aligned itself with psychotic, demonic forces.

But Google doesn’t appear to give a damn. Why should it? After all, it did a deal with the geriatric dictators of China who ban their own blogs from being accessed there! Google, it seems, has no scruples whatsoever and will continue to behave in a cavalier manner until it is reined-in by the US Government.

So far, unlike Les Grouiks, I have been careful in not abusing my Blogger host by slating them overmuch on their own hosted sites. But it is now clear that Google/Blogger simply don’t give a toss for the feelings of all those who have reported Les Grouiks to be in contravention of Blogger’s terms.

What is Google playing at, I wonder? Is its reluctance to act more decisively against groups like Les Grouiks based simply on a reluctance on Google’s part to allow such a precedent to occur fearing that it would be followed by a flood of similar demands? Why is it happy to allow these racists to snub their noses at both public decency and Blogger’s terms?

Quite cynically, both Google and Blogger make it next to impossible for anyone to register a complaint. After a marathon search you are led to the link given below:

By selecting the radio button, Hate or Violence, you are led to a complaints page where you are invited to include your email address so that Blogger can reply to you with a Case Number. On every occasion when I have used this system to report the burgeoning Grouik sites, giving examples of their overt anti-semitism, Blogger has simply ignored me. I am sure that I am not the only one who has been treated with such contempt.

But we are not going to allow Google to get away with it. Clearly it has a public responsibility to uphold basic decencies and to prevent shit-stirrers like Les Grouiks in calculatedly inciting race-hate and persecution. Like an adolescent child it has, so far, studiously ignored those responsibilities.

Sooner or later and despite its wealth and its monopoly control of the Internet Google’s owners will find that they too are subject to the age-old legal ruling that be they never so high they too will finally be subject to the international rule of law governing human rights, racism and anti-semitism.


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